Feeling old yet?

IMG_2346“The music was thumping.  The place was crowded.  Wait, what was that liquid that splashed on me?  This place is a germaphobe’s nightmare…”

Last night my girlfriend and I attended a Zedd concert.  Who or what is Zedd you ask?  For my fellow early 80’s folks out there,  Zedd is, according to Wikipedia, “a Russian-German record producer, DJ, musician, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.Oh, I have been to a fair share of raves and parties… some fairly large ones with top DJ’s and artists, but this was back in the early 2000’s.  Back then I was 50 lbs lighter.  I had purple or pink hair, I wore tight jeans, and was sporting Adidas Superstars.  … this was pretty much the normal look, the starter pack if you will, for a “cool” Asian kid  back 2004.  Let’s not forget the PLUR beads and glowsticks!  Now that I ponder back and think about it, we were some pretty weird kids.

…this leads me to the meat and potatoes of this post: attending such a concert last night made me feel freaking old.  There I was, in my button up shirt with fairly loose jeans (to accommodate my permanent food baby) awkwardly pumping my fist to every beat.  I really dug the music and the visuals were amazing, but sadly, I was more concerned about getting home early enough to get at least 6 hours of sleep as I had to be in the office the next day to WORK BECAUSE I HAVE BILLS TO PAY! 😒

…but cool concert nevertheless.

Wait, what was that liquid that splashed on me? 

seriously, drenching myself in Purell this morning.

Bye for now!